Yes. My shirt was inside out.

I hope you guys are all enjoying the Lean video!! It’s been out for a couple of weeks and I realize that you most probably have questions for me. Am I Right!? I’m right.

So let me debunk some of the theories going around:

1)   Yes. My t-shirt is inside out.

2)   Yes. We did only realize my t-shirt was inside out after filming.

3)   Yes. I love that my shirt was inside out throughout filming, really plays into the whole “I’m hung-over - where is my shirt - there it is - now I’m late but feeling frisky - let’s go - shit where’s my shirt * throws inside out shirt on and runs out the door to go write Lean. * #nailedit

4)   How did we film the sheet parts?! – If you were to zoom out of the sultry looks to the camera you would see my arms flailing around like one of those inflatable Wacky Waving Tube things, more commonly known apparently as an ‘Airdancer’. So I was airdancing while the sheet was draped over Spencer Owens, the lovely gent who filmed and edited the video, and myself. Nadine Olmo (the incredible leading lady/choreographer/creative director/genius) also created waves from the other side of Spencer. It must have looked very strange from the outside, but it created magic did it not?!

I can’t wait to share more music with you guys! More live dates coming soon. Thank you for the love and support you’ve all shown me, it really is so humbling and extremely appreciated. Speak soon xx

- Sam