I have an unhealthy obsession with pasta 🍝

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of what to say for my first blog post. Other than freaking out and hitting caps lock to scream that MY FIRST SINGLE LEAN IS OUT NOW, I want to give you more than that. So while I sit here in my wildly over-priced apartment, watching the episode of The Office that starts with Michael trying to “escape from extreme bondage” for the, probably 700th time, I have realized that there really isn’t anything to say but hey, hi, hello and welcome to my crazy, sexy, kewl world.

A few quick things about me:

1.     I have an unhealthy obsession with pasta and coffee.

2.     I’m from a place in Sydney, Australia called Erskineville.

3.     I wrote my first song at 12 years old about waking up in the morning; it was creatively called ‘Wake Up’.

‘Wake Up, Wake Up

You know the morning’s here

Wake Up, Wake Up

You know the sunshine’s clear

Wake Up, Wake Up

You know the night is through

Wake Up, Wake Up’ 

That’s it from me for right now, but really I’m so excited to share the culmination of the last 15 years of hard work and passion with you all. I love you beautiful lads and ladettes. Here’s to the beginning of something pretty sweet!


- Sam Fischer